Federico and Barnet

November 10, 2020 Editor 0

During the 1st Online World teams Event I was lucky to have strong teammates. One of them was Barnet Shenkin.The Scottish star player have been living in the states since the 90s and make a […]


Boye Brogeland – Perfect play

February 25, 2017 Editor 0

Boye Brogeland are known all over the world as one of our very best bridgeplayers. Now you will get to see him as declarer from the Norwegian premier league. As you can understand from the […]


Quantin ignored the trap of the jack

January 30, 2017 Editor 1

Jean-Christophe Quantin (born in 1966) is among the true stars of bridge. His accomplishments are amazing. As a junior, he won the European junior teams back in 1988. Since then he also have won the European […]


Never give up Tor Helness!

January 24, 2017 Editor 0

Bridge are obviously mostly about skills and technique. Yet there is a mental factor you need to handle. After long days with many boards and not the results you hoped for, it is easy to […]