Writers’ Weekly 51 | Another squeeze that could have been avoided

So often does the defense miss an early opportunity in the play. This gives the declarer the upper hand and ends up in a squeeze or endplay worth alot of Points. 

North-South were not regular partners, south took a guess north showed some values with a balanced hand and decided to bid 4spades. Not the best spot as the cards lie, but understandable action.

West led the ace of diamonds then turned the queen of clubs. Declarer gave it a tought if west could have done this looking at A Q J x, if that’s the case a club ruff would be the killer of the contract. Declarer decided it was more likely that east had the ace of clubs, if order to avoid 3 looser in clubs he asked for a low club.

West played back a diamond, ten, queen ruff. 3 rounds of trump got those out of the way and next declarer did a lucky decision when playing a club from hand and letting this run to the ace.  

The position looked like this

East did not find himself in a good position, the only tempting return was the nine of hearts, ten, jack and king.

Another heart went to the queen. By now declarer was sure of the distribution. The weak-2 opener had to have 3-2-6-2, in that case west was 3-4-2-4. This making west alone to guard both clubs and hearts.

Declarer took full advantage when he continued the ace of trump. What as west supposed to do?

A Club would give the tenth trick to dummy and a heart would give declarer the making trick.

It was a great play by declarer reading the card position perfectly.

Do you spot the killing defense?

West needed to lead the queen of clubs before the ace of diamonds. Then the defense can setup the ruff even if declarer guesses the clubs right. But who can blame West for leading the ace of diamonds.