Writers’ weekly 44 | Netherland vs Sweden

Sweden open team BB 2017

The Dutch team have been lucky, a sponsor is paying strong teams to join them in though training sessions during the winter. The main goal is the Bermuda Bowl that will be played in China in 2019.

Again, we take a look at a board played in the first match where the Dutch team faced the Swedish open team.


The Dutch pair stayed away from the possible grand slam in hearts and stopped “safe” playing the hand in 6 diamonds. Sadly, they had to go 1 down when the cards were not splitting nicely, and the Swedish east found the spade lead. In fact, the contract could be made with another lead!

 At the other table the Swedish pair had different ideas when the they bid the hand like this:

7 hearts was not the worst bid at all. It seems like it makes if the clubs can be ruffed good. But the contract was doomed when east could hit it with a lightner double asking for an unusual lead. It was not much of a bother to lead a diamond and the contract went 1 down.