Writers’ weekly 42 | A good decision

Agustin Madala does belong among the very best bridgeplayers in the world. He moved from Argentina to Italy and became one of the pilars on the strong team of LAVAZZA.

The 15 th World Bridge Series was held in Orlando and team Lavazza played themselves all the way into the final of the Open Team event. Team Zimmermann showed themselves too strong in the final, but on this hand Madala showed his cleverness in the bidding.

At the other table team Zimmermann bid 4 hearts – 1. Madala looked for another contract:

As we can see Madala first did not double 1 spade to show his 3-card support in hearts. Next he decided to bid 1 NT instead of supporting partners heart. Bianchedi did not see any reason to look for another contract than 3 NT and so it was.

As the cards are the contract is stone cold.

Gawrys led a spade, Klukowski winning the ace returned a diamond. Madala then took his 9 winners making the contract and the 12 IMP gain.

Bridge is not always about bidding the technical correct bid, sometimes you have to listen to whats happen first!