Team Nickell to be USA 1 in the 2019 Bermuda Bowl

The successful team of Nick Nickell once again will represent USA in the Bermuda Bowl. They came out as winners of the most exciting qualifications event held in Houston in the period from Friday, May 11th till Sunday, May 20th.

Jeff Meckstroth, Nick Nickell, Eric Rodwell, Ralph Katz, Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein will be among the heavy favorites at the 2019 Bermuda Bowl. The championship will be held in Sanya, China in October 2019.

The qualification event was a though competition. 21 teams went thru a 2-day round robin. The 16 strongest teams moved into the knock-out stage. Each match was played over 2 days of 120 boards! A true bridge-marathon!

The final was a close battle against the mighty LALL squad. The Nickell squad trailed by 30 IMPs before the last 15 boards but managed to put up a great set winning the final scoring 240 vs 229 IMPS.

Read more about the event at the homepage.

The final had a lot of interesting boards. Both teams showed great play, among many we have chosen to have a look into this funny board. Let’s try to understand the bid and play of the experts.

Katz-Nickell made a good result when they got the double in the laydown slam bid on only 19 hcp! It was not easy for NS to stay away from the double or even better find the grandslam sacrifice!

The play was a wasy one. North led the ace of clubs and Katz claimed all 13 tricks scoring up +1310!

At the other table the bidding went a little different


Justin Lall did a reasonable jump to 6 spades holding key-cards in partners suit this was a combined bid. He both feared NS could make a slam and still had hopes for making one himself. This time the direct jump had a different effect. The routined NS decided to trust Lall, they passed out the slam!

This was a brilliant move. Rodwell led the stiff diamond and had to write -1010. Little did they know that this was a 7 IMP pick-up!