Writers’ weekly 2 | Do you see a chance?

As always you end up in a tough game, 3NT is a possible spot to make, but it might seem tough.

Are you up to the task?

Queen of spade was led, it is IMPS and you need to make Your game to stay in the match. 

You can’t give away a spade since you are likely to give away ace of diamond and AKJ of hearts, so you grab your ace and play a diamond, the king holds the trick.

How do you proceed to reach your goal of 9 tricks?

It is important to count your tricks before you play the next trick. By now you are pretty sure to win 2 spades, 1 diamonds and 5 clubs for a total of 8. So how can you make one more before the defense reach more than 4? 

You need the hearts to be favorable so they can’t win more than 3 tricks, and the only spot where you have real hopes in making another trick is diamonds.

In fact it seems like the only hope that west started out with A x. If this is the case he now is left with the ace singleton.

You cross your fingers and ask for a small diamond, discarding a spade from hand you put on you smile when the cards looked like this


West had to play the ace of diamonds and the hearts was blocked. You made your contract and can look forward to meeting your teammates.

Well done!