Writers’ Weekly – 35 – Strong declarer play at the Bermuda Bowl

Berend Van Den Bos

Netherlands faced a tough opponent in New Zealand at the quarterfinals of the Bermuda Bowl.

Berend Van Den Bos delivered this beautiful play live in the BBO when the match was closing up.

The lead was the ace of hearts, east followed with the jack. Next came the eight of spades, both north and east played low and south won with the queen.

How yould you plan the play?

I guess you have to face the diamonds, if you can wrap up 4 tricks if will bring you to 9 in total since you can add 3 tricks in clubs and 2 in spades.

The challenge is that the defense can make five tricks if you give away two tricks in diamonds.

Van Den Bos read the cards perfectly when he played east to hold the King of diamonds. He played low diamond from both north and south. West won with the nine and continued with a spade, east played the nine and south won with the ace.

Van Den Bos sticked to his plan and played a diamond to …..  the ACE

That was a bull’s eye when the cards looked like this

East had to play his stiff king. Game bid and made gave the Netherlands 12 IMP since the other room played 2♥ by west – 1!

So how could Van Den Bos play like this?

The solution was simple math. West, who have bid 1♥, have showed A K Q of hearts. Since east threw in a responsible double he had to have the missing kings to defend his bidding.