Writers Weekly – 12: Find the safeplay

This hand came up at a teamgame. Try to find the safe-play.

West led 2 of diamonds, east produced the jack.

You shake your head about missing the grandslam, are there any possible trouble in making 6♠ you should be aware of?

At the table south quickly played club to the king, then a club to the ace. West ruffed and turned a trump.

The whole hand looked like this:

South could only ruff two clubs and ended up giving east a club trick for down one!

Do you spot the safeplay the head-shaking declarer missed?

This is an old classic; you should play a club to the king, then let east win when he play queen on the ten of clubs.

East can play a trump, you can still ruff two clubs in dummy and make your contract since you did not waste the ace on the second round!

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