Best defense in 2015

Livgaard-Aa came up with a nice bidding sequence to reach 6♥ on this board from national team training in Norway.



It looks like the contract do alright if the diamonds break 3-3 or the king of spades are onside.

The lead of the queen of clubs gave declarer nothing, but Terje Aa did test all his possibilities in the right order. He won the lead with the ace then ruffed a club in hand. A heart to the king followed by the last club to a ruff. Now Terje continued with a diamond to the ace and a low diamond from dummy. The position when he played the low diamond was this

Terje had a plan to just play low on the diamond to let west on lead. As we can se from the diagram west will be endplayed. She can either play spade from the king or clubs to a ruff and sluff! This was just an extra chance to make the contract since Terje still could make if diamonds break 3-3 og the king of spades work onside.

But Kristoffer Hegge were sitting in east position and he put up the QUEEN of diamonds on the second round! Terje won with the king and noticed the jack from west.

If Diamonds were 3-3 he needs to play more Diamonds. If west holds 4 Diamonds he need to make the finesse in spades anyway. If west holds only 2 diamonds and the king of spades he can make the contract if continue with the ace of spades then the queen to endplay west for a ruff and sluff!

It was the best line to do as Terje did – he played another diamond. Kristoffer Hegge did surprise both Terje and the spectators with his play and won the third diamonds. Now Terje had to test his last hope, the finesse in spades. This turned out with no luck and the contract went one down.

Kristoffer Hegge(1990) was nominated for best defense in 2015 and won a price for his great defense.
Kristoffer is an international top-level bridgeplayer from Norway. 
He is a world champion from the junior team event in 2014.


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