Federico and Barnet

During the 1st Online World teams Event I was lucky to have strong teammates. One of them was Barnet Shenkin.The Scottish star player have been living in the states since the 90s and make a living being a bridgeplayer and teacher. This play would have been tricky to most of us, Barnet handled it the best way possible

3C = Puppet Stayman

Defence had hit the jackpot when east had doubled 3C. West led 9 of clubs, 5, king, jack. Had east turned a diamond he would have been the hero; we can’t blame him to turn ten of spades.

Barnet Shenkin took the ace, next came queen of hearts, 4, 3, king. Nine of spades won the next trick then a club came back to the queen.

The big question is who has the king of diamonds. It seems like spades are 4-2, not much chance of the ninth trick anywhere else than making queen of diamond a winner.

Would you play a diamond to the queen hoping east has the king, is this a likely split of the cards? Barnet knew it was not like that, east would for sure play clubs if he held both the red kings.

Barnet ran the hearts ending in dummy at this position

He took the ace of clubs discarding a diamond. Spade to the king and a spade gave west the pleasure of being endplayed. A diamond back gave Barnet what he had planned all along, the contract by winning 2 tricks in diamonds.