Writers’ weekly 5 | Squeeze or not

The story of week 5 is about another play where you have to decide between being greedy or careful.

It is matchpoints, you are doing very well halfway thru the tournament, don’t let this board stop you.

The bidding had nothing special to it. A weak jump shift by west and south ending up declaring 3NT.

West led king of spades, you hold back and win the next, east follow 9 and 8. Ace of clubs and 9 of clubs to the king bring good news, both opponents follow clubs.

You cash all clubs and diamonds and find west to hold two diamonds. West discard 3 spades and 2 hearts as you walk into the 2-card ending

The heart is led, east play the ten.

Finesse or drop?

It is not clear at all who holds the king of hearts. In a way you are happy to play 3NT, then again it seems like the most reasonable spot.

A Squeeze has showed up in spades and hearts If west has the king of hearts. Absolutely a play to consider.  

You have already 630, it may not be too bad finessing, if wrong you still beat the pairs in 5 clubs. Then again, a 660 is even better, and you add the squeeze to look for 690.

The full hand:

At the table declarer did go for the drop ending up with 12 tricks and a 80 % score. I do not say it was the best play, but it sure was funny that you managed to squeeze west after the weak jump shift.