Writers’ weekly 52 | Unblock or go down

Why do we love the game of bridge so much? The answer is in the cards, it is always a challenge in the bidding, the play or the defence.

This board is all about keeping an eye open, I bet you find your way when you declare 3NT as south.

You might want to be in 6 clubs. You had an uninspired auction to 3NT, the opponents were silent during the bidding.

West led the king of diamonds. Plan the play before reading on.

If you start by counting tricks you look at the ace of spades, ace and king of hearts, ace of diamonds and five tricks in clubs. That makes nine, doesn’t it?

As you might notice there might be an issue about the clubs. If they are 4-0 there is nothing you can do, but if clubs are 3-1, can you handle that?

If you need to play ace, king and queen of clubs you block the clubs. Dummy do not have an entry and will only make four clubs.

This was indeed the critical point of the hand, it looked like this

The key was to be awake early in the play and let the king of diamonds hold the first trick. It gives you a discard as south and you use that by discarding a club on the ace of diamonds!

Then the blocking is no longer an issue and you make the contract without any worries.