Writers’ weekly 41 | Can you find a way

Declaring have become the art of the creative. Bridgeplayers tends to bid more than the cards offer, you need to be sharp as declarer in most boards.

This hand came up during a teamgame, are you up to the test on your way to win 9 tricks?

The bidding pushed the cards, 3NT is a bridgeplayers best friend, so here we go again!

West led a spade, 10, queen, 4. East turn the queen of hearts, you win the king while west play the 3.

So where are your nine tricks coming from?


We have to find the ace of spade at west, this gives us 1 trick on the king. 2 tricks in hearts, 4 in diamonds and 1 in club brings a total of 8. So we are short of tricks, where to look for the missing trick?

Club is the only possible answer. Do you know how to best play this combination?

You play a diamond to the queen followed by a low club from north. You have the famous intrafinesse in mind.

It gives you the extra chance if east holds H T to bring in 3 tricks in clubs. It does also increase the chance to win 2 tricks

This was the full hand

If you found the play of a low club from north you gave yourself a big score. East is trapped. The ten is covered by the jack won by the king.. Next you play the ace of clubs bringing down the queen and unblocking the 7 from south. Then you can close the hand by playing the 2 of clubs finessing 8 5 at west in front of 9 6 at norths hand.

It won’t do any better if east play the queen. South unblock the 7, next play the jack from hand.

I admit it was not the highest odds to make, but as long as you play the clubs correct there is a gift of 12 imps coming up.