Writers’ Weekly 8 | Try to declare this hand

There can be hidden treasures everywhere when we pick up the deck of cards for a game of bridge. During a regular team-event this hand came up, both tables bid 6 spades -1 for a draw.

Let’s look more into the hand, what if we try to play 6 NT, does that have better chances, let’s say on a club lead?

Give it a try before you read on!

South winning the queen then try the king of spades.

If west win the ace there will be a straight forward squeeze against west in spades and diamonds, so west allow the king to hold the trick.

Now south has to change to a different approach. He needs to take away hearts and clubs from west to prepare an endplay.

The ace and king of hearts and the king of diamonds is the next tricks, west discarding a diamond, north spades.

Now things are getting ready for action, south play a club to dummy and cash the third club, the position looks like this

The queen of spades gives west a chance to get endplayed. South discard a diamond.

West reads the position and hold back the ace of spades.

Well, that helps for west, but declarer just turn around and put the spotlight on east. Declarer play the king of clubs and discard a diamond, then a diamond to the ace brings this position

South just play a low heart and east find himself endplayed to give declarer his 12th trick on the heart finesse.