Writers’ Weekly 7 | Well bid slam

Nab-Drijver are among the strong pairs in the race to join the Dutch team in the coming Bermuda Bowl. They have some great results, but so has many of the Dutch pairs. Anyhow the Dutch team will be among the favorites in September.

Here is a great bidding sequence by Nab-Drijver. Let’s first see if you find the slam with your regular partner?

Nab-Drivjer bid the hand like this

As it turned out the 1spade gave them an extra edge since they use transfer bids. Nab could show diamonds on light values and Drijvers jump to 4spades was a key. Next followed 4NT defined as Optional Blackwood. It has an extra step where responder can show a minimum hand by rebid 5 clubs. Drijver did have extra values so he showed 3 aces. It was just perfect for Nab so he bid the final contract 6 diamonds.

The defense won a spade, Nab had no problems winning the 12 next tricks.