Writers’ Weekly 2 | Perfect cardreading

Yet another 3 NT to play that does give us a couple of hurdles. That is how it should be since you are a bridgeplayer that enjoy a fight.

West led the 5 of spades (4th best), 6, 4, 2. The clubs came next, declarer noticed west holding 4 clubs discarding a spade on the fifth club, east discarded diamonds and hearts,

The distribution started to get clear, west being 5-x-x-4 and east 1-x-x-1. Declarer had odds on when he played the king of diamonds followed by a diamond to the jack. When this held declarer knew he had a safe route to 12 tricks when he just cashed the ace of diamonds. Since west followed he had to have the 5-1-3-4 distribution.

The position looked like this

A heart to the ace then a spade to the ten endplayed west. He had to give declarer the 12 tricks anyhow he defended.

Declarer had a perfect play when west had 5 – x – x -4. When declarer took his diamonds west either had to follow suit or throw hearts. If he came down to K D bare dummy would hold 8 7 of spades and declarer just play the ten of spades with the ace of hearts untouched.

The only distribution that could have stopped declarer would be 5-0-4-4, not very likely based on discarding and bidding.