Writers’ Weekly 1 | Uppercut needed

The Friday evening can be a boring time if there is no bridge going on. During a Friday night rubber this hand occurred, maybe it would have been a better timing if the test came during daytime.

South did well when he bid 3H as a help-suit game-try. West didn’t want to give declarer anything in the lead and decided to lead a trump. A heart lead would put more pressure on declarer, now there was some time to look around for slow tricks.

How would you have played the hand?

There is a trick in the play!

Without a heart-lead you have enough time to test clubs. Looking at a loosing trick in diamonds and hearts you either need to find the ace of clubs at east or build a trick in clubs to discard a heart.

The best play is to draw trumps, ending at south. Play a club from the hand, if west holds the queen he can win the trick, but next the jack pushes the ace and build the king of clubs as a winner that you can discard a heart on.

I hope you found the play, the hand looked like this

A low club from south was the winning play. West can choose how declarer get the clubs trick making it 10 in total and a game on the scoring sheet.