Writers’ Weekly 48 | A partscore – minor vs no trump

At pairs we tend to play more contracts in no trump than we do in imps. Among all the joy bridge brings, the most wonderful is when we succeed to bid a minor suit contract instead of no trump.

This hand came up during a pairs tournament, south came out with a smile but it didn’t look that well at the beginning of the hand.

South were lucky in the bidding when he opened 1 diamond instead of 1 NT and showed discipline when passing the preempt from north.

West led a club, declarer guessed right when played low then winning with the ace when east played the king. The jack of hearts ran to east holding the ace, east continued with a club to the ten, jack and queen.

South started to count. East was a passed hand and had showed the ace of hearts and the king of clubs. The odds were to find the king of diamonds and the ace of spades at west. And quite right he was, the hand looked like this


Declarer therefore played a diamond to the ACE, when both opponents followed, he discarded clubs from dummy on the hearts, then played a club ruffing with the jack, east discarding a heart.

South was on the right track, the position looked like this

South played a diamond won by west with the king. West did not feel too happy being on play in the position. He tried the ten of spades, declarer had no problem to calculate the missing HCP. East could not hold the ace of spades since he was a passed hand. The spade ran to the king followed by a spade to the queen.

10 tricks was important, many other tables were declaring 1 NT making 8 tricks for 120.