Writers’ weekly 46 | Onstain claims Champions Cup

The 17th European Champions’ Cup gave us a lot of thrilling boards full of entertainment. The winners, Team Onstein, won the Cup just as they did last year.

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 The Onstein Team looks just like the Netherland National Team. Bob Drijver, Bart Nab, Bauke Muller, Simon de Wijs, Ricco van Prooijen and Louk Verhees Jr are the new champions of the Champoins Cup!

The semifinal against the Norwegians, team Sunndalsøra, Onstein showed they had more accuracy when bidding up to a grand slam the Norwegian failed to reach.

How would you and your regular partner bid the cards?

The Norwegian train got off the tracks when Onstain entered the 1-level.


I do not like the 5-club bid, it took away the Blackwood and north just had to settle in 6 clubs. So how should they have done the bidding?

Maybe like this?

It is much better to show your hand, south had a perfect alternative bidding 3 diamonds then rebid 4 diamonds showing 5-6+ in the minors. North cue-bid 4 hearts then showing the number of aces when south use the blackwood agreeing diamonds as trump.