Writers’ weekly 43 | Netherland vs Sweden

Open Team of Netherlands Bermuda Bowl 2017

The Dutch team have been lucky, a sponsor is paying strong teams to join them in though training sessions during the winter. The main goal is the Bermuda Bowl that will be played in China in 2019.

Here is the Dutch homepage

The first team to visit was the mighty Swedish squad that is expected to be among the toughest competitors in the Bermuda Bowl race.

This board gave us a lot of exiting moments, there were a different approach in the bidding at each table and a lucky Dutch transfer brought a 15 imp gift.

Lets first give you the test, what is you lead when you see this bidding sequence.


I do think there is a fair chance that south has a distributional hand. The opening is limited to 15 hcp and he still push to slam after partner sign off on the splinter. My guess would be 11-12 cards in the major suits, if there is a trick in the minor suits we better find it in the lead.

If we decide to trust the splinter bid we should lead a diamond, the Swedish player led a club and came out short when the full hand looked like this


Declarer could discard the diamond at the ace of clubs and the defense ended up winning the spade trick for the slam to make.

At the other table, Peter Fredin had other ideas on how to bid this hand


The first pass might be a good approach, he certainly made a strong come back when pushing to slam and redouble.

Sadly, the Dutch east had an easy lead holding ace-king of diamonds so the contract was doomed going 1 down. The scoring gave Netherlands 15 IMPS after some nervous moments for the players and spectators.