Writers’ weekly 41 | A lost defense at the world finals


Today we take a big step right into the final of the open teams at the 15th World Bridge Series held in Orlando.

You take the seat of Norberto Bocchi, the famous Italian champion. You are facing the mighty Tor Helness as declarer, there is on room for mistakes!

South led the ten of spades won by the ace, declarer contribute the five.

What do you play in the next trick?

Bocchi did not like the position. He needs to guess if partner have the ace of diamonds or the king of spades. He can see there might be a though test to defeat the contract, he need two tricks outside trumps and two at trumps.

So what is the better chance?

Bocchi continued the queen of spades, just what Helness needed, the cards looked like this:

 Helness could discard a diamond on the king of spades and Bocchi got a couple of tricks in hearts. The contract was making for +590 to team Zimmermann.

So where did Bocchi go wrong?

He could see there was not enough to find partner with the king of spades. If so they could only play 2 rounds of spades not really gain anything since declarer would play Bocchi for the trumps.

The best chance was finding pd holding the ace of diamond. By taking the trick right away they would be in charge and without problem hold declarer to 1 down.

A bit unlucky for the Italians, but you might have made this defense by looking more into the hand?