Writers’ weekly 36 | Up to the task?

Today you need to make a choice in the second trick, try to make up your play before reading about the whole hand.

Here we go:

West led the king of diamonds, then turned the four of hearts.

Your move?

It all smells like singleton heart, is there any chance for success if that is the case?

The problem is to handle the K T x x of hearts at east, you need to pull the trumps and you won’t be able to play hearts twice from dummy since defense can hold back the ace when you play the king of clubs.

The solution is to win the ace of hearts, play king – queen and a trump to the ace. When the trumps split 3-2 you ask for a heart from dummy, when east play low you simply play the nine. This can only fail if west turned a heart from K T 4, not likely if you ask me!

The whole hand looked like this


You had to play accurate, did you play low on the heart return? Then you had to give away a couple of ruffs going 2 down.