Writers’ weekly 35 | Best played hand – Norwegian bridgefestival

The Norwegian Bridgefestival were held the first week of august. The week contain most of the national championships and a few other popular tournaments like the Patton teams.

The jury of Allan Livgård and Christian Vennerød found this hand played by Nils Kvangraven the best played hand of the festival, the hand occurred during the Swiss pairs.

Nils Kvangraven as south found himself as declarer in 5 clubs. A lot can be said about the take-out double by north, but 5 clubs seemed like a fair bid holding the south hand.

West led the ace of hearts, east playing low signaling for diamonds.

West looked at the dummy and did not want to turn diamonds if east was signaling from a singleton. He tried the “safe” defense playing the ten of trumps, declarer winning the king.

Kvangraven found himself in a tricky position. He could ruff the hearts, but the communication was not working for both ruff and finessing the spades.

He found a nice solution when he played the JACK of spades.

When west didn’t cover the jack held the trick. next he ruffed a heart, spade to the ace and a heart ruff. Now declarer could discard a diamond on the king of spades and when the queen fell another diamond was discarded on the ten of spades.

A diamond ruff was followed by queen and jack of trumps claiming 12 tricks!