Writers’ weekly 34 | A clever move

Let’s enter a teamtournament, you wind up in a promising contract. Is it just about counting overtricks, or could there be a risk of failing?


West led the jack of spades, plan your play!


I hope you did not cover the jack? If you did you would og down. East grab the king, ace and play a low spade back for west to ruff. A club return gives you nothing and you end up finessing the clubs going one Down when the Cards looked like this

So what to do?

What bout letting the jack of spades hold the first trick?

West turn a club, but you are safe pulling trumps followed by the ten of spades. East can win the king, but your J T of clubs keeps you safe from east attaching that suit. You just win the diamond return with the ace and play another spade. East can win the ace but you discard the club on the queen of spades and make your contract.