Writers’ weekly 31 | Double dummy play

Double dummy is a problem where you get to see all cards. Today the challenge is to find the winning line when you see all 52 cards as declarer in 6 clubs.


You are South declaring 6 Clubs. The ten of spades are led, won by the king. East return a spade to the ace.

How do you play the cards making 12 tricks?

This hand is all about communication between the hands. The defense knocked out an important entry to dummy when the played spades. You need to take the finesse in trump, ruff a diamond to establish the fifth diamond as your 12th trick and then enter dummy to cash that diamond trick!

Now you only have two entries left, the king of clubs and the ace of hearts.

The solution is possible to spot, you need to play the NINE of clubs. This is likely to win the trick. Next you play a diamond to the ace, club to the king and ruff a diamond. The ace of clubs pulls the trumps and now you can enter dummy playing a heart to the ace. Next you discard a heart and two spades on the king, queen and 8 of diamonds.

If you start with the king of clubs followed by the nine, east can defend the contract if he covers with the queen. Just try, it was all about keeping the communication and entries.

Did you spot the play?