Writers’ weekly 29 | Boye Brogeland finding the defense


The Marit Sveaas IBT became a success presenting big money for the winning pairs and attracting top level pairs.

Let’s take a look at a hand defended by the great Boye Brogeland. Boye finished second, loosing the top price at the last round. At this hand Boye showed why he use to win most of the tournaments he enters.

Boye, sitting South, led the king of spades, how would you have planned the defense?

Boye use to find the best defense, this time was the same. Boye returned a club at the next trick!

As we see this give away his trick in trump, but it killed the declarers plan for making nine tricks ruffing diamonds at dummy.

Just try. Declarer can win 6 clubs and ace-king of diamonds. Or he can ruff a diamond, then the queen of Clubs end up as the setting trick.

Any other return declarer can ruff two diamonds in dummy winning his contract. Just give it a try!

Did you find the trump return?