Marit Sveaas IBT | Lie-Kvangraven winning head to head race against Brogeland-Lindqvist

Terje Lie - Nils Kvangraven

The Marit Sveaas International Bridge Tournament (MS IBT) is among the open pair tournaments presenting the highest price money in the world. This is made possible because of sponsors and the contribution from Christen Sveaas in memory of his late mother. Marit Sveaas were a highly skilled bridge player representing the Norwegian ladies team in the 70s.

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179 pairs played the 2018 version of MS IBT arranged over 3 days in early July. The tournament was held at the Norwegian Opera House, a great venue for such an event.

The race became a classic head to head where Boye Brogeland – Espen Lindqvist was chasing their teammate from the European championship, Nils Kvangraven partnering Terje Lie. The pairs scored above 57 %, a high score considered it was a swiss movement with top level players.

Before the last round of the tournament Brogeland-Lindqvist had a 1,4-point lead. With 3 boards per round and +88 as a top per board it became a real bliss for the first place.

The last board was the difference when Kvangraven went 2 down in 2 hearts and Brogeland had to go 3 down in 2 NT.

The winners, Nils Kvangraven – Terje Lie grabbed the first place worth 25.000 EUR. Brogeland-Lindqvist won 12.500 EUR and Christophe Grosset – Baptiste Combescure finished 3rd winning 7.500 EUR.

Results MS IBT 2018