Writers’ weekly 27 | Espen Lindqvist – play like a champion

Espen Lindqvist

Espen Lindqvist – Boye Brogeland have been considered to be among the very top pairs in the world of bridge. During the 54th European Team Championships they led the Norwegian team all the way thru winning the gold medal. There is no doubt that Espen and Boye were the main reason for this win. They toped the butler and played most of the matches.

Let’s enjoy Espen as declarer, this hand came up during the final rounds facing the reign champions France.

West led a heart ruffed by Espen. Next came the queen of clubs won by east with the king. He continued a heart ruffed by Espen.

Espen gave it a thought. He needed to trust his diamonds to make the contract. Therefore, he took the ace of diamonds then ruffed a low diamond. He entered his hand with a club to the jack reaching this position.


Espen played diamonds from top discarding hearts from dummy. West could ruff but did not have more hearts to play. The spade return ran to the king, the ace of clubs cleared the trumps and a spade to the ace was Espens entry to the running diamonds.

11 tricks were a strong result after a nice declarer play.

At the other table Thomas Bessis played 5 diamonds, this was an easy make giving away a diamond and a club.

Norway won the match 13-7.