Writers’ weekly 21 | Easy defense?

There are a few basic rules in the theory of defense. Lead your highest from sequence, invite from honor etc.

During a pairs event this position occurred where the defense had to be aware, lets give you the test

You are sitting west looking at this cards and bidding


North jumped directly to 3NT after you tried to tell them about your major suit. To then it’s all about finding the lead, have you made up your mind?

As most of you recognize this is a classic position. If you lead your highest (the ace of spades) partner will not know you holds AKJ.

To make this clear you start with the KING. The basic rule is that partner is to discard the touching honor (the queen) if he holds it!

If you made that lead the defense will not cost you any worries, the hand looked like this


East drops the queen under your king and you do not need to use much energy on the rest of the hand. You just cash the spades and score -2.

Only a few made this defense when it came up. Most players led the ace then turned a heart hoping east had a entry and a second spade to play thru the queen at south.

It was all about doing the regular and boring play. No big thinking, just easy bridging!