Writers’ weekly 20 | Do you defend as a champion?

Let’s see if you defense is a sharp as you like it to be!

You are placed east looking at NS bidding all the way up to 6 spades.

The bidding was a bit scientific, but que-bids are a frequently used convention for most experienced players.

Your partner led the nine of clubs, the jack taking over the ten and south plays the six. How do you play the defense?

It is pretty clear that south has a solid one-suiter. He has singleton clubs and when north showed a que-bid in diamonds he went directly to slam, could this indicate south also control the heart-suit?

At the table east continued with a trump, that was not the best defense since the cards looked like this


North won the jack, south ruffed a club with the ace then ran all his trumps (and the king of hearts). 

The position had come down to this


The four of spades squeezed west in the red suits. He had to give up and declarer made 12 tricks.

What would have happened if east had asked himself the key-question before playing trick two? If south do not hold a diamond que-bid, maybe there is a chance to break up a possible squeeze when returning a diamond?

It was a fair question to ask, did you break the squeeze playing a diamond at trick two?