Writer’s weekly 17 | 1 NT can also be wonderful!

The beauty of bridge can be found in any hand in any bidding in any play. Mostly we read about players bidding up the line that find a end-position or take advantage of a mistake and bring the contract home in a tricky way.

I find it more interesting to read about partscore boards that were played perfectly. When the cards are divided more equal I find it harder to play the hand.

Take a look at this great hand from a teamgame consisting of top-level players.

West led a diamond, east winning the ten continued with the king of diamonds. Then he turned the 6 of spades west winning the jack continued with the queen of diamonds and a diamond to the ace, south discarding a heart and a club north a heart.

Queen of hearts came next, south winning the king. Another heart went to the ace, east had to play his jack.

By now it had become an easy math to calculate the hcp between EW. East had opened pass and by now showed AK of diamonds and QJ of hearts, he could not hold more than the jack of clubs, the black suit kings had to be at west.

Declarer found a distribution that could let him make his contract. He played a spade to the ace, west had to play the king.

The position had come down to this ending


South played the 5 of spades, what card was west to discard?

A club could let declarer play the ace and another setting up his seven tricks. So west discarded a heart. Declarer read the position perfectly when he discarded the queen of spades on the ten of hearts then played a low club, when east followed low south played the ten letting west in on the jack. But west found himself endplayed, he had to give declarer his contract by playing away from Kx against Ax vs Qx.