Writers’ weekly 15 | A strange squeeze

This hand gave declarer a choice, the easy line or the complexed one? There was no doubt what line tempted the expert declarer most!

Take a look at the hand that brought this interesting end-position.

South stretched a bit bidding 3 spades. The rest of the bidding was understandable bringing south as declarer in a though, but promising slam.

Seven of spades didn’t give declarer anything. He continued with the top hearts, discarding a diamond then ruffing a third heart. Spade to the ten was followed by another heart ruffed in hand.

Next came a spade to the king, then the nine of hearts saw the defense and declarer discard clubs.

Declarer had come to the final decision, he could hope for the ace of clubs at east or was there a small chance for a squeeze?

South wanted to try the hard way, he continued with diamond to the ace leaving this position

When the ace of spades was played west was in trouble.

a.       West discard club

  • North discard a Diamond
    • South play a low club, ace, 9, jack.
    • King of diamond and king of club win the last tricks

b.       West discard diamond

  • North discard a club – east discard jack of Club
    • A diamond to the ace, then a club to queen, king, ace
    • West has to give declarer his contract playing a Club to the eight! 

West let a diamond go, north and east discared a club. South made fulfilled his plan playing a diamond to the king followed by a club to the king. West took the ace but had to play back the seven of clubs facing south making his twelfth trick and the contract with the eight of clubs!