Writers’ weekly 14 | A squeeze you almost couldn’t find

Sometimes bad things happen in the bidding. At this hand north bid 3 instead of 2 spades and the whole hand ended up in slam instead of game.

A pity for the bidders, but as the cards were the defense ended up with the pain.

South took north as splinter and jumped directly to Blackwood, north on his hand did realize his mistake, but decided to show his aces hoping for some luck. The final contract was not at all an easy ride home.

The jack of spades was led, and south could see the only hope was a miracle. A squeeze could only work after giving away a trick, so the jack of spades was allowed to win the first trick!

West turned a club to the queen and ace. Ace of hearts and a heart to the jack gave south a slim hope of luck followed by the king of hearts.

A spade to the ace followed by a club ruff set up the squeeze against east. Next came the trumps arriving at this ending


North played the 5 of hearts, what could east do now?

He had to hold the king of spade, he discarded a diamond, south and west discarded clubs.

When the ace of diamond dropped the queen at west south had to smile a bit. He still needed his big share of luck but looking at a small glim of light he asked for a diamond, the king was played and when the jack came as requested the contract was home.

South made his contract winning the last two tricks with the ten and seven of diamonds!