Writers’ weekly 13 | Peter Bertheau with a sharp eye at trick one

Peter is among the regular professionals when it comes to the Nationals. He has done great achievements both at the national team and at the Nationals.

As South Peter was put on test as declarer in 4 spades.

West led the 2 of diamonds, how would you proceed to have the best chances for success?

Peter could see there could be a problem winning 10 tricks with a looser in each suit. The lead could have given him the contract, but how did he need the cards to be placed?

It would not give him enough if the lead was from the king. He would for sure win the first trick with the queen, but later he would have to loose a trick to the king anyhow.

It would not help him to put in the queen if east hold the king. If he have the ten he just hold back and await his diamond trick. If he don’t have the ten he also hold back with the same result.

The solution was to play the NINE. Peters only chance of making would be to find west led from the ten.

And so it was, the hand looked like this


East held back the king playing low at the first trick. Peter just continued with the queen of diamonds making sure he got 3 diamond tricks.

The defense got their tricks in trump, hearts and clubs but could not deny Peter making his contract.

Not difficult, but a classic play by a professional and strong declarer. Well done.