Writers’ weekly 12 | Strong declarer play from round of 32 at Vanderbilt

We jump into the Round of 32 of the great Vanderbilt. You play a very close teamgame where you know the last few boards will decide whether you go home or into the next stage.

This hand came up, lets see you give it a try before we investigate the whole hand.

The Norwegian superstar, Boye Brogeland, got the jack of clubs at lead. Now lets try to find a way to play this hand, how do you see 10 tricks making?


Boyes first test was to make sure he kept the entry for the hearts. He knew the lead was a singleton, but he had to hold back the ace and hope west had the ace of diamonds.

That was very right, west turned a heart to the ace. Boye then played the ace of spades followed by the queen of spades, east winning with the king.

Boye had hit the jackpot, the whole hand looked like this


Now he was safe making. Since west was out of trumps Boye had the ace of clubs as entry to discard clubs on the king-queen of hearts.

East turned diamonds to king, ace, 8. The next diamond was ruffed then he could draw the trumps making his contract safely with ace of clubs and the king-queen of hearts.

Well done.

At the other table north became declarer at the same contract. East led the king of clubs taken by the ace, west contributed with the jack.

Declarer now only had one club looser and one diamond looser, so he continued with a trump to the queen. East took the king, played queen of clubs and a club for west to ruff. West then settled the contract with the ace of diamonds.

That made a game in difference generating 12 imps.

But wait a bit, wasn’t there a chance of making for both declarers?

Yes, after the lead of the king of clubs when west contributed the jack north should have been on alert. He knew he could make the contract even loosing a spade. The finesse in spades only work when west holds K x x. Other distributions will see him make the contract when he played the ace of spades then the Queen or he would og Down either way he handle the trumpsuit.

This time the finesse was a trap, did you resist the temptation of taking a finesse?