Writers’ Weekly 10 | Christian Bakke criss-cross in slam

Christian Bakke is still a junior in age, but he handles the cards like a grand ol’ champion. He was close to being selected for the Norwegian Open team at the European Championships in June, this board show why he is both a successful and popular bridge player.

Christians beautiful declarer play made a lost board chang to a winner making with a criss-cross squeeze.

Norths bidding was not smart. He knows Christian don’t have a cue-bid in diamonds and that his hand Is likely to be a 12-14 no trump. It really could not be too good chances making a slam.

West did not find his best lead starting with the ace of clubs, Christian ruffed with the nine and continued with a low heart. East didn’t do his best either when he grabbed the ace then played another heart to Christians King.

A club was ruffed with the ace, next came the queen of spades. The jack of spades was overtaken with the king and a third club was ruffed with the 10.

Now the perfectly saved spot – the four of spades – made its value in gold when Christian could enter his hand with the eight of spades!

Christian next played the 3 of spades, west discarding a club, dummy and east a diamond each. Then the killer hit the table when Christian pulled out the king of clubs in this position.

Dummy discarded the ten of diamonds, but what about east?

He did his best discarding a diamond.

Christian made no mistake, he continued with a diamond to the ace, poor east had to follow with the king. A heart to the queen then gave him the contract with the queen of diamonds.

What a Board!

A criss-cross squeeze for making a slam after an early unblocking at the first trick, winning the two last tricks on the red queens. That’s just about how a king at the bridgetable should be served.