Writers’ weekly 5 | Top level declarer play

A partscore contract might be as interesting as a slam. This hand came up during a high-level teamgame and south did his declarer play as he had seen the cards.


Ten of hearts was led, 4, 2 and the jack. A club to the ten was captured by the ace. West took his hearts then he got out with a club.

Declarer took the club and played the queen of diamonds, when west did not cover he decided to change plan. He could see a more fun position coming up if east had both the missing kings. He wen up with the ace of diamonds and played his club tricks.

This was the position


The king of clubs was played, and dummy got rid of the jack of diamonds, what about east?

He did his best discarding a spade, but declarer had made his mind and made his contract with a spade to the ace. East had to follow with the king, so the queen made declarers eight trick for 120.  

Well done!