Writers’ weekly 4 | A strong defense

Tor Eivind Grude is a young Norwegian bridgeplayer. His merits are already impressing holding national titles and winning the Junior Team World Championships.

At this hand you can try to copy Grudes beautiful defense from a team-game.     


NS system was Acol, 12-14 1NT and frequently 4-card majors. 

Grude led the ace of hearts, 2, 3 and 4.

How do you think he defended to bring the contract down?

Grude analyzed the hand and found it most the most likely chance to be partner holding a stiff heart. He couldn’t play the king and then give partner a ruff since this would set up the heart winners.

To solve the problem Grude continued with the JACK OF HEARTS, declarer tried the queen ruffed by east who played back a diamond.

This was the full hand:


A perfect defense from Grude. Now declarer had to lose a trick both In diamonds and hearts for 1 down.

As you can see the play of a heart that east could ruff at the second trick as essential. If not south would have discarded queen and jack of diamonds on dummies heart spots.

A defense a champion worthy!

A funny position would have arisen if declarer played low from dummy at second trick. East would need to ruff his partners winning jack, not a big problem but it is against the partnership nature to ruff partners winners!