Writers’ weekly 43 | A big board at a team game

Sometimes team games can be boring scoring +140, -50, +600 etc. From a recent match this Board made the IMPs jump up a bit from the average of 2 imps a board.

Look at this monster

Let us first take a look what happen in the open room

North decided to just bid his spades and suddenly he had to decide at the 5-level what to do. Holding two aces it seemed safe to double the 5♥ and south had a though decision. We believe he should have pulled to 5♠, but who knows when you only see one hand.

Anyhow it seems like one, or maybe two, down and + 100 to NS, it just did not end up like that.

South led his ace of spades, 8-6-3. Next north continued with the ace of clubs, 2-9-4.

South started to count cards and could not see the danger in trying to give partner a ruff in the black suits. He did not think north held a nine-card diamondsuit so he just continued with the jack of clubs; the surprise was huge when north discarded a diamond!

East took the queen of clubs and ran his trump. The position came down to this

When east played the heart south were squeezed! Dummy just discarded opposite of south, east made his contract and wrote down +650!

Let us take a look what happened in the closed room

South took a different approach showing his hand in the first bid with michaels cue-bid. At this table north also took his place jumping directly to slam with his big hand. When east sacrificed in hearts north took yet another risk bidding 6♠. This time he hit the perfect split of the cards.

North ruffed the ace of hearts, next a spade to the queen and king. West continued with a diamond. Happy for the 1-1 split north won with the ace and since the jack came at the next spade the slam made easily.

+1430 gave them 19 imps.