Writers’ Weekly 41 | Endplay or not?

This hand came up at a regional championship and South had to declare 3NT due to a Precision bidding sequence.

West led the queen of clubs that were allowed to hold the first trick. Another club went to the king. Next came the king of hearts and a heart to the jack and queen. Another club cleared the suit. When south played hearts, east discarded a spade the contract suddenly were shaky.

South won the ace, next came a spade to the ten and queen.

East was a bit endplayed, but did his best when he returned another spade to the jack.

South could count east to hold either 5-2-3-3 or 4-2-4-3. If the queen of diamonds were offside south had to guess the distribution.

With east holding 5-2-3-3 declarer have to continue with diamonds keeping the ace of spades as a stopper. But on the other hand east holding 4-2-4-3 south needed another endplay clearing the spades then find west with 109, 108 or 98 of Diamonds.

To keep both options in hand south decided to play a diamond to the ace. If west follow low souths only chance was to play a diamond to the jack hoping west holding the queen og diamonds to split 3-3.

When west followed with the nine of diamonds south suddenly got an alternative with the endplay. This was offcourse of interest but how can south both clear the spades and endplay east in diamonds?

The position had come down to this

South made a perfect play when he continued with a spade to the ace followed by the JACK OF DIAMODS!

East could win his queen but had to give north his contract playing back from 10 6 in front of dummy holding K 7

A truly beautiful play that combined the chances and guessed the accurate distribution.