Writers’ Weekly 40 | Its all about bidding just one more time!

This hand came up at the Norwegian National Pair championship. The Hero is Sam Inge Hoyland, known to most of our readers as winner of the open teams in this summers European Championships.

  • Dealer: North
  • Vul: North – South

I guess you think I have gone mad when I ask you what you would bid as South in this position. You are red vs white; think about it before you read on.

Did you pass?

Sam Inge did not, he decided to not give in and bid 4♣! Wild butt still impressing if you ask me!

The opponents did double and all passed.

The whole hand looked like this

A yarborough, but a good one!

West led a heart and 10 tricks came easy by ruffing hearts and finessing the club. The defense ended up with a spade, a diamond and a trump.

710 smelled good and was off course a top at the national pair’s event