Writers’ weekly 37 | A hidden Criss Cross squeze

This hand came up at the quarterfinal of the Danish Cup.

Team NIELSEN bid and made 6♣ and team WERDELIN bid 6♥ that had to go down when the defense led a spade!

We found the hand interesting and tried to play 6♥ without a spade lead. Let’s make west lead a diamond. Can you make 6♥?

In fact there is two routes to success.

The first and maybe best is to discard clubs on the ace-king of diamond. Next you play the ace-king of clubs followed by the king of heart and a heart to the ace.

Now you ruff a club and play another heart to the queen.

You can enter dummy with the ace of spades and discard the spades on the queen of diamond and the club!

So let’s instead try the more interesting choice – the criss cross squeeze!

You discard clubs and a spade on the A K Q of diamonds. Next you play ace-king and small heart. East winning the queen shifts to a club won by the king.

Now its time to let the trump run, and the position gets down to this

South play the heart, west discard a spade, north the eight of diamonds, but what about east?

  1. A Club;             South cash the ace of club, a spade to the ace and the ten of clubs are good
  2. A spade;          Spade to the ace makes the king fall; south makes his contract with the ace of clubs                          and the queen of spades!

That was a beauty don’t you think?