Writers’ weekly – 36 | A defense you should find

You sit down at a knockout match from the regional teams. Your opponent is a strong pair of two young lads. They play a strong club system with weak no trump, and this is just what hit you at this board.

The bidding is short, but not without risk. You decide to put lady luck on test and pass partners take-out double of the 1 NT opening that showed 12-14 hcp.

West leads the queen of diamonds you play low and partner continue with the jack, how do you play this defense?

You can count a few tricks in defense, but you do most likely need to defend correctly. The best chance must be to overtake the jack with the king and turn the eight of spades. In this way you can hope for partner to hold AQ or AJ or even better in spades. You can fire thru spades twice and collect maximum number of tricks it the cards are as you hope.

It was a good play since the whole hand looked like this

Declarer went up with the king and west played low. Next came clubs, west grabbed his ace and played diamond to your ace. You play your last diamond and then another spade.

Partner finish the nice defense with his A J of spades and you can write one down at the score sheet.

As you can see, there was a need to play spades twice from east. If you play out your diamonds before turn a spade west won’t have a defense. You only get 1 ♠, 4♦ and 1♣.