Writers’ Weekly -33 – Declarer claimed on a squeeze!

Roar Voll

It is not too often you can see declarer wrap the cards back into the bracket and tell you are squeezed for the rest of the tricks. This happened to me a few weeks ago, declarer was the strong Norwegian player Roar Voll.

This was the hand

After the” Ekren 2♦” sequence Roar Voll ended up as declarer at the standard contract of 3NT.

The jack of spades was the lead, and east took his king. Another spade came next to the queen. King of club lost to the ace, next came a diamond, jack, king and small. Another diamond ran to the ace.

A heart to the queen were followed by the queen of diamonds reaching this position

Roar had the perfect count and played the ten of clubs, jack, queen and a diamond from west.

Now Roar played the nine of clubs and wrapped up the cards smiling to west “sorry, but you are squeezed in the majors”.

Right he was!

East could have broken the squeeze with a heart in the second trick, but that is another story.