Writers weekly – 25 – Criss Cross squeze

The Open European Championships were held in Montecatini, Italy, in June. These championships are attractive to players from all corners of world. It is a good chance to test your skills against the strongest players.

Stig Martinussen, a strong Norwegian player that you often see around the bridgetabel in such events, played this hand during the open pairs event.

Stig got the chance to make a criss-cross squeeze after an defensive error.

West led a low spade against Stigs 1NT contract. East were helpful when he took the ace and played another spade that west took with his king.

Next came the ten of hearts.

Stig then had the choice of vienna coup or criss-cross, he decided to play for the criss-cross and rose with the king. Then played the ten og nine of spades and ran the diamonds.

The position had come down to this before the last diamond were played:

When south played the last diamond north discarded five of clubs, but what about east?

  • If east discard club south play the ace of club, heart to the ace and make the last trick on club jack
  • If east discard a heart declarer do the opposite and play ace of hearts, then club to the ace and the jack of hearts make the last trick.


11 tricks gave Stig 80 % score after a nicely done criss-cross squeeze.