The German doctors – Sanctions from DBV considered too hard

The German doctors, Michael Elinescru – Entsco Wladow , was accused of using coughing-signals during the World Bridge Senior Teams Championship in Bali in October 2013.

They were found guilty both by the WBF and the DBV. They were banned for 10 years from playing organized bridge.

Later there have been many rumors about appeals and the latest news seems to be that they have won in their appeal against DBV at the Court of Cologne. Both the 10-year ban seems to be considered too hard and they have been given the chance to claim liable for all damages!

The appeal against the WBF ruling were dismissed, they need to appeal thru CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport).

If they are free to play in Germany or not are still an open question. The German Federation have asked for time to consider the further steps in this sad case for both the Doctors and the Federation.

WBF statement

DBV statement

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