Writers Weekly – 14: Find the best play

This hand came up at a teamgame.

You were lucky, as the opponents did not manage to find the ruff in lead. West led the seven of diamonds. How do you proceed after winning with the ace?

You will only get one chance, if you let them ruff these players are sure to find the ace-king x2 + the ruff. Therefore, you need to pin out the distribution that make you win the contract.

There are a few problems. First, you need to pull trumps to avoid a heart or club ruff, next you need the entries to dummy for both establish and next get those heart tricks.

If you play AKQ of trumps, the opponents just hold back on hearts then knock out the entry with a second diamond.

To make you need to find the player with 3-card trumps not to have short hearts or clubs. You also need to keep two entries at north hand.

You therefore play ace-king of trumps, then the queen of hearts!

The whole hand looked like this:

The defense had no answer to this play. They could hold back the first heart, grabbed the next one and play a diamond for dummy to ruff.

On the next heart they could not stop declarer from either ruff the diamond return on hand followed by a trump to the queen pulling the last trump and catching the hearts. On the other hand, the defense could try for clubs ending up establishing clubs for declarer.

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