World Champion Ulf Tundal – A different way of finesse!

Ulf Tundal

Back in 2007 Ulf Tundal won the Bermuda Bowl as a player on the Norwegian National Team. He is known as co-inventor of the Relay bidding system called Viking Precision Club. Together with Glenn Grøtheim he invented this system in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Besides his efforts as a system-inventor he is also among the very best bridge players. This deal came along in march 2017.

West led the five of spades to Ulf’s king. The continuation was a club to jack. When east discarded a spade, the light began to turn red. Communication between the hands did not work and Ulf were a trick short to make 3 NT when the clubs only could give 3 tricks!

Do you spot his solution to the problem?

Ulf grabbed his 50 % chance that east had the jack of diamonds and used the “power of the unseen hand”.

He asked for the nine of diamonds from dummy!

East could not see thru the cards and played low, west also played low letting the nine win the trick.

A club to the queen followed next and west could win with the ace, but Ulf had his nine tricks for making 3 NT.

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