Test Your play: Week 9 – A rare position!

Due to your precision-bidding system, this rare bidding position came up at a local bridge club.

The bidding gave valuable information, are you up to taking advantage of this?

West start out with the heart deuce, east Plays the ten and You win with the ace.

Take some time to evaluate the cards and the bidding.

How do you plan your further play?


As written the clue is in the bidding. We “know” the spades split badly with east holding JT43. We also know that the hearts most likely split 5-2.

If you pull the trump, you end up losing four tricks in heart and diamonds. Therefore, we need to find a better plan.

The key is indeed a smart move when you let east spoil his trump-trick on his partners original heart trick.

You just play king and another heart from you hand. The small heart you ruff with dummies seven. East can grab his ten or jack of spades, but you win the next trick on hand and play your last heart ruffing with dummies QUEEN!

Next, you play the spade and just finesse with the nine from your hand.

The Whole layout looked like this

A perfect usage of the given information gave you and the precision bidding system a good start in the competition.

Well done if you made this one!

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