Boye Brogeland – Perfect play

Boye Brogeland

Boye Brogeland are known all over the world as one of our very best bridgeplayers. Now you will get to see him as declarer from the Norwegian premier league.

As you can understand from the bidding Boye and Espen play the 2NT respons on 1NT as a relay. They found the club fit and ended up in a pretty alright slam.

A heart was led from west and Boye took the king with the ace. A club to the ace made the king fall and now it looked like west had to get two tricks in clubs for one down.

But that is not how Boye are made. He always try for the maksimum and never give in. He found a distributin that allowed him to make so he continued with ace-king of spades discarding diamonds. Next he played a spade to ruff followed by the queen of hearts and a heart to ruff.

The position looked like this:

Boye did no mistake , he played AKQ of diamonds discarding a heart. Then a club to the nine let west on lead playing from J 5 into Boyes Q 8!


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